Have you ever liked something so much that you wanted that same thing, but like 20 times larger? Me neither, but Seikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyanis has. He's the owner of the World's Biggest Truck, a ridiculously massive overcompensation

replica of the classic 1950s Power Wagon.

How big is it? Reports vary. Some say it's 8 times the size of the original, others say 50, some go as high as 64. All we know is that it has wheels from an oil rig transporter and windshield wipers from an ocean liner. Oh, and it also has a HOUSE inside of it.

Not, like, a tiny house either. We're talking four bedrooms, a living room, and a bathroom, all of which are air conditioned. It even has a motorized tailgate that lowers to become a terrace.

This truck. Has a terrace.

Why Does the World's Biggest Truck Exist?

Good question, because it's crazy.

The answer lies in Seikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahya's nostalgia for the oil boom. Early oil prospectors relied on the Power Wagon when they were out in the desert, and he is so thankful for it that he built the replica as something of a monument to the industry pioneer.

In the video below, Jeremy Clarkson (in a special for the BBC) called the truck "the most amazing, most sensational, most outlandish, and by far the largest car in the entire world."

How much does it weigh?

50 tonnes.



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