Infographic: Ford's New Driver Assist Technologies

With Ford's new Driver Assist Technologies, driving a Ford will be easier than ever. They'll help you park, avoid collisions, detect road hazards, and avoid wrong-way driving lanes. This is the most recent example of Ford's promise to triple its investment in driver-assist features. These new features are scheduled to be in Ford vehicles by 2018.

"Driver-assist technologies help us all be better drivers because they enhance our ability to see and sense the road around us," said Scott Lindstrom, manager, driver-assist and active safety at Ford Motor Company. "Ford's investment in research and development is paying off by accelerating innovation to expand our portfolio of driver-assist technologies that deliver functionality and performance that customers will value."

Ford's New Driver Assist Technologies

Evasive Steering Assist: This is a new technology that can help drivers steer around stopped or slower vehicles to help avoid collisions, at both city and highway speeds.

Wrong-Way Alert Technology: A windshield-mounted camera works with information from the car's navigation system to offer customers visual and audio warnings if they are driving against the grain in traffic.

Enhanced Active Park Assist: The next step in assisted parking. At the push of a button, your vehicle takes over steering, gear selection, and forward/reverse momentum. You can use it to enter and exit parking spaces, and to parallel park. It can even reverse into a perpendicular space.

Cross-Traffic Alert with Braking: Radar sensors monitor the area behind the vehicle. If the driver is backing out and does not react to the initial warning, the system is designed to automatically apply the brakes.

Rear Wide-View Camera: This new tech will allow drivers to see around corners. Shows the driver a broad view from the rear of the vehicle on the in-car display. Acts similar to the 180 degree camera now available in the Ford Edge.

Spot Lighting Technology: An infrared camera that detects pedestrians, cyclists, and animals.

Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting: This will widen the headlight beam at intersections and roundabouts after interpreting traffic signs.

Traffic Jam Assist: This helps the driver keep the vehicle centered in its lane. Plus, it brakes and accelerates to keep pace with the vehicle in front.

Driver Assist Technologies Infographic

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