Conflicting Choices: Buying New vs. Buying Used

Time for a new car, and you're oscillating between unbridled excitement and anxiety. The world is your oyster, but also you're allergic to oysters. You have a wealth of choices but, also, you have a wealth of choices. Where do you begin? What do you chose? Can you get it in blue? Well, the crew here at Kentwood Ford wants to help you make your decision, so today we are going to be discussing the merits of buying new vs. buying used vehicles at our Edmonton dealership.

We've all seen the movie with the shady used car salesman; the frayed edges on the checked sports coat straight from the 70s, the bad moustache and even worse hair piece, the sleazy way he speaks through a sly smile. Thankfully, here at Kentwood Ford you'll be dealing with our professional sales staff whether you are looking at new or used vehicles. Our job is to get you into the right car for your needs and your budget. And budget is a huge determining factor as to whether you buy new or used.

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A used car will always cost less than the same model new thanks to a little old thing called depreciation, which is the way the value of something falls. Now, you may have heard from your uncle Fred that a car depreciates in value by 50% the minute it drives off the lot, but keep in mind he also told you that swallowed gum stays in your stomach for seven years, and shaved hair grows back twice as fast, so maybe he isn't exactly an authority on everything. In reality, all cars depreciate at different amounts, and while depreciation is an inevitability (and has historically been about 20% over the first year of ownership), some vehicles hold their value better than others.

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Beyond depreciation, there are a few ways you can save money by buying either new or used. Since a used car will generally cost less, you will usually pay less to both register and insure it. Also, you may be able to get a more luxurious vehicle within your budget used, as opposed to brand new. Now, with all that being said, when buying a new vehicle you are more likely to get better financing options; not to mention, most dealerships offer many different incentive deals like cash back rebates. Also, depending on what type of vehicle you are getting there may be further rebates (*cough* electrics and hybrids *cough*).

Sometimes it's not all about the money. Buying a new car comes with a peace of mind that buying used doesn't always afford. Shopping for a new car can be easier, and you have a bit more of a say in what the car looks like, whether it be the trim level or even just what colour you pick. Safety technology in cars is also constantly evolving, and a new model will almost certainly have options that just aren't available with used cars. Now, Kentwood Ford also offers a great variety of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, which are inspected, refurbished, and certified by either Kentwood Ford or Ford Canada, and come with an extended warranty, so you can feel confident that you are inheriting a solid, used vehicle, rather than someone's lemon. And if you are still in between buying new or used, ask us about our demo vehicle program, which is the best of both worlds.

There is no clear cut winner in the battle between buying a new and used vehicle, but the staff at Edmonton's Kentwood Ford is always available to answer any questions you may have and help you pick the right vehicle for your needs. In addition to our expertise, we also have an in-house financing program, Go Finance, that can help you get the best possible rates whether you buy new or used. So come see us today, we're used to making new, and old, customers happy.

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