How to connect your music with Bluetooth

Isn't it great that we live in an age where we can play our music without wires? No worries about tangling the auxiliary cord or giving a short one to your friends while they reach over to plug their phone in from the backseat. You can just connect your phone to the car and that's it! Making and receiving phone calls and text get easier, too (just make sure you're paying attention on the road).

Ford's SYNC system for mobile phones helps you stay connected while you're on the road with the latest Bluetooth technology. This is done by "pairing" your Bluetooth-enabled devices to each other so a connection is enabled. How exactly is this done? Let us here at Kentwood Ford give you a quick guide on pairing your Bluetooth device to the Ford SYNC system on your Ford vehicle!

1. A few things before you start

Interior Infotainment system

A couple things to keep in mind before we begin: this guide applies to the current SYNC system on most Ford vehicles after 2017, but most of the pairing processes are very similar on older vehicles as well. Consult with your vehicle's owners manual beforehand.

Also, since this guide is for Bluetooth devices, please make sure your device is Bluetooth-enabled. Most mobile phones today have Bluetooth technology by default anyways, so you should be good to go. What's even better is that the Ford SYNC also works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so it better integrates with your mobile phone preferences. Not sure if your Ford vehicle has SYNC included? Ask our staff here at Kentwood Ford to double-check!

2. Turn Bluetooth on your device and vehicle

For your mobile device, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and is discoverable by other devices. For your Ford SYNC system, follow these steps:

  • Press the Phone button to access the Phone Menu
  • If no phones are paired yet, a prompt that says "Please add a phone" will appear
  • Press "Add"

From there, your SYNC system should be able to start locating Bluetooth devices nearby.

3. Pair your device

Once your Bluetooth device and your SYNC system's Bluetooth settings are on, the latter will prompt: "Search for SYNC on your device and select SYNC once it is found." From there, go to your mobile device and select "SYNC" in your Bluetooth settings. After selecting SYNC, follow these steps, accordingly:

  • A six-digit number (PIN) displays on the SYNC screen for three minutes, during which time SYNC actively seeks for the same number from your phone.
  • Make sure the PIN number displayed matches on both the SYNC and your device. If a number isn't prompted automatically on your device, but you're prompted to enter a PIN, type the 6-digit number displayed on the SYNC.

4. Start bumping your tracks!

Ford Interior Console

If you've followed these steps correctly, then you're done! A message will display confirming your device is connected. SYNC will also prompt you for additional options like connecting your call history, contacts, and messages and you can accept this if you'd like. Otherwise, the system will display the Phone Menu once your device is successfully paired. Just hit play and you're ready to blast your speakers with your favorite songs.

From all of us here at Kentwood Ford, we hope you found this guide to connecting your Bluetooth device to the Ford SYNC system helpful and insightful. Still having problems connecting your device? Let our Ford experts give you a hand! Our dealership is just down 97th street in Edmonton, so come visit us if you need help, or give us a call. Looking for a Ford vehicle with the latest technology and SYNC system? Browse through our inventory and book a test drive with us on our website when you're ready to go. Either way, Kentwood Ford Edmonton is ready to help when you have questions about any of our Ford vehicles!

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