Pickup Something to Make Your Truck Stand Out

Have you ever left a mall or grocery store and wandered the parking lot aimlessly looking for your vehicle, only to try and jam your key into the lock of your car for two minutes, cursing under your breath, when all of a sudden the actual owner of the vehicle walks up, unlocks it, and hops in, all while giving you a dirty look. Yeah me either (*laughs nervously*). But, if you drive a truck in Alberta, there is a good possibility you could find yourself in that situation. According to a study done by Transport Canada, 60% of the vehicles bought in Alberta are trucks. So how do you stand out? A paint job with hot pink flames on the side? Perhaps an *ahem* accessory on your tow-hitch that resembles a bull's accessories? You could go that route. But maybe a few more subtle, practical, and uh, tasteful accessories would do the trick. So read on, and find out what the staff at Kentwood Ford suggests for accessories to make your truck stand out.

The Suspension Is Killing Me!

Perhaps the most practical accessory or modification you could make to your Ford truck is adjusting the suspension. Napoleon Complex got you feeling down? Raise that suspension for a smoother ride. Looking for a more aggressive look and performance? Lower and stiffer suspension will help you handle better and look cooler at the same time. There are many ways to adjust the suspension on your truck -- something like "air springs", also known as "air bags", allow you to adjust the height of your truck on the go, depending on the terrain or look you are going for.

"You'll Never Get a Job Looking Like That"

Body modification isn't as taboo as it once was. Piercings, face and neck tattoos -- oh right, we're talking about trucks! Body modifications are a great way to get a custom look to make your truck stand out, as well as improving your day to day driving. Running boards and sidebars make clambering into your cab completely effortless. Not to mention you can match them to your truck's colour for a more streamlined look, or something a little shinier like chrome (in case your truck is one of the stars of your latest rap video). On that note, why not upgrade your stock tires and rims to something with a little more flair. Thankfully, the spinning rim trend of the early 2000s came and went, so you can go with something that doesn't remind people of fidget spinners (what is up with these trends?). Don't forget to add some mud flaps to keep those fancy new wheels nice and clean.

You've Made Your (Truck) Bed, Now Lie In It

Have you got a lot of junk in your trunk? Bed liners are made in a variety of materials to handle everything you throw at and or in them. Hauling antique furniture? No problem. There are plenty of choices to keep your more fragile loads intact. Got a bed full of rocks? While we are curious, we won't ask; but there are bed liners that can protect your truck bed from the harshest of beatings. Throw a soft or hard shell tonneau cover on top and keep prying eyes from judging you on whatever you're hauling.

While these are only a few of the options and accessories Kentwood Ford offers to make your truck stand out, we feel like they are the most subtle and practical. But hey, if you want flame decals on the side of your truck, we can do that too. From the crew at Kentwood Ford, thanks a tonneau for reading, and stay tuned for future posts!

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