Which Ford Truck Has The Greatest Towing Capacity

Whether you're looking for a Ford truck for work or for play, Kentwood Ford can help you pick the best truck for your lifestyle. And often, no matter which truck you pick, towing capacity finds itself at the top of your checklist. Luckily for you the lineup of Ford trucks have best in class towing, among other benefits, like top safety ratings and the type of industry defining innovation that other manufacturers slam one year, then copy the next (aluminum frames anyone?). Let's take a look at the towing capacity of the Ford truck lineup, to help you decide which Ford truck is right for your needs.

Front 3/4 view of the Ford F-150 towing a boat behind it as it drives on a road through the forest

Towing Capacity vs. Payload

First of all, let's make sure we are on equal footing when talking about towing capacity vs. payload (although the full family of Ford trucks can handle any terrain you need to tackle). Payload is the amount of weight a truck can handle in its bed, as well as its cabin, before its performance is compromised. Whereas towing is, as you may have guessed, the amount of weight you can carry in tow behind your truck. Are you the person all your friends call when they need to move? If so, payload is a more pressing concern. Ditto for any toys you may toss in the flatbed of your truck like dirt bikes. But if you tow any trailers, campers, large equipment, or really anything that can be towed for that matter, the towing capacity will be the most important factor in picking a truck. The Ford F-150 is best in class for both payload and towing capacity, so you will feel confident no matter what your needs are; there are also a number of Ford Super Duty trucks that come in different engine classes for those heavier duty jobs. It's also worth mentioning that payload plays in to your maximum towing capacity in what's called "tongue transfer"  -- please consult with a team member at Kentwood Ford to make sure you understand what your actual towing capacity with cargo is, as ignoring this has serious safety consequences not to mention the possibility of voiding your warranty. A tip from the Kentwood Ford team is to come to the dealership knowing what type of weight you'll be towing; by adding the weight to the bill of sale you are taking a bit of the pressure off of yourself, and allowing our highly trained staff to crunch the numbers for you.

Front 3/4 view of a Ford Super Duty towing a camper behind it as it drives through a mountain road during the fall season

If You Tow It, They Will Come

So which Ford truck has the best towing capacity? There are a number of Ford models and trim levels that provide different capabilities, and here at Kentwood Ford we like charts, so here is a handy chart to illuminate which truck shines brightest in both the towing and payload categories*.

Trailer Tow Package

Trailer Brake Control

Max. Conventional Towing (when properly configured)

Max. Payload (when properly configured)

2018 F-150

OptionalOptional5,987 kg.1,483 kg.

2018 F-150 Lariat

StandardOptional5,987 kg.1,483 kg.

2018 King Ranch®

StandardStandard5,987 kg.1,483 kg.

2018 Super Duty F-250

Standard (w/ High Capacity option)Standard9,525 kg.3,461 kg.

2018 Super Duty F-350

StandardStandard9,525 kg.3,461 kg.

2018 Super Duty F-450

StandardStandard9,525 kg.3,461 kg.

As you can see thanks to our handy chart, you are getting a powerful truck no matter which Ford you choose. So come down and visit the Kentwood Ford team -- we will help you decide which truck from the Ford family best suits your needs and lifestyle. And, to paraphrase that old saying, "Keep on towin'!"

*Again, these are the maximum weights when the truck is properly configured. Actual figures and weights may vary depending on many factors, such as trim package. Please always consult with the dealership staff to get a more precise weight for a specific truck.

Side exterior view of the Ford Super Duty towing a boat behind it as it drives through a winding mountain road

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