How to survive driving in Edmonton?

You know you live in Edmonton when you experience summer, fall, winter and spring weathers all in the same day! And yes, the weather can be really unpredictable on our side of the world. However, the unpredictable does not always have to be terrifying at all! So what are the best techniques to survive driving in Edmonton? At Kentwood Ford, we have put together some tips that will not only help you survive driving in Edmonton but also help improve your focus and boost your confidence on the road whether it is snowing or raining. Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and get ready to dive in.

Are you ready?

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Don't take your weather forecast app for granted! This is probably the main reason you find yourself unprepared on the road most of the time. It's quite simple, before you leave your house, make sure to check the forecast and weather conditions because not only will it let you know what you need for your vehicle, but it will also prepare you mentally for the task ahead. Also check a road conditions map for closed roads or accidents; and then plan your route accordingly. Lastly, give yourself enough time to get to your destination, just in case anything unexpected happens. Plus, you do not want to be speeding, which might earn you a speeding ticket or even cause an accident. This is definitely the last thing you want to happen.

Skills development and focus

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We all know that even though we have four seasons in Edmonton, the winter season lasts the longest; sometimes it lasts up to half of the year. And if you have been driving for several years or just a few months, you know that driving in the winter has the most challenges! So in order to survive driving in Edmonton, make sure to continuously practice and master your winter driving skills. Don't wait until the first day of snow to start testing your brakes or see how fast you can go. Make safe driving a lifestyle! Furthermore, always maintain a safe following distance by adhering to the 4-seconds following rule. And during always make sure to pay extra attention to pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, they can be really difficult to see.

Forever and always, no matter what

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Remember how temperatures can considerably fluctuate in Edmonton? Then don't forget to have extra clothes and blankets in your vehicle in case you get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Better be warm than sorry! Additionally, before the winter or summer seasons start, don't forget to get your vehicle serviced and ready for the road conditions ahead. This is also the right time to change your fluids and tires. All-season tires provide reliable traction during the spring and fall. However, it is better to get winter and summer-specific tires for those seasons, they provide more grip and safety on the road. And once your vehicle is ready to roll, keep calm and drive safely in Edmonton!

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