Comfort Features in the 2018 Ford Explorer

The 2018 Ford Explorer is one of the best family vehicles on the market. It comes in five models that have different features and capacities to suit your needs. At Kentwood Ford, we believe that vehicles and comfort go hand in hand; because after all, who wants to drive a vehicle that does not provide comfort? Most people spend roughly an hour driving daily, between going to work, dropping off their kids to school, taking them to skating classes or just running some errands. And you already know that the 2018 Ford Explorer is an amazing vehicle, but we want to show you through this blog post that this vehicle is more than amazing, it is also equipped with all the necessary comfort features you need to enjoy your daily commute and your road trip adventures.

Comfort Zone

Collage of the 2018 Ford Explorer's interior design with a puppy lying down on a seat in the middle of the collage

I am sure you have heard phrases such as "step out of your comfort zone" or "great things never came from comfort zones" before. But these are certainly not applicable when it comes to choosing a vehicle. While driving, being comfortable helps you become a more confident driver. The tilting and telescoping steering wheel helps you adjust the steering wheel in the position that is most comfortable for you, so you can drive with ease. The driver's seat is also equipped with an eight-way direction control system so that you can seat and drive in the position that suits you best. Furthermore, the front passenger seat is also equipped with a four-way direction control. Hold on, that's not all.

Comfort means happiness

Collage of the 2018 Ford Explorer interior and exterior with a kid with sunglasses on smiling in the middle of the collage

The 2018 Ford Explorer has comfort to offer you. Did you know that this vehicle has seven seats? This is to make sure that all the passengers have enough space and are comfortable during the ride. There is really then no need to try and squeeze everyone in the vehicle. This SUV is equipped with an external digital memory control that enables your vehicle to sync with your smartphone so you can play your songs without having to touch your phone. Other features that help enhance your driving experience include: exterior temperature thermometer, maintenance reminder, low tire pressure and low fuel warning and voice-activated audio control system. We can now say with confidence that great things will come from your comfort in the 2018 Ford Explorer, so get ready to make many happy memories in this vehicle.

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