How to Handle Potholes During the Summer

Gone are the winter storms and slippery road conditions here in Edmonton. The weather outside is sunny and beautiful, which can only mean one thing: construction season. While the delayed traffic may cause you some anguish in your morning commute, the excessive road construction is your best bet at preventing you from coming across the dreaded post-winter potholes that makes drinking coffee harder than reading a book on a roller coaster.

But it doesn't just stop at construction. There's numerous ways to help you tackle the summer potholes without damaging your car or spilling your sausage and egg breakfast sandwich on your lap--a feeling that's all too familiar. We at Kentwood Ford compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you handle the numerous potholes on the road while also lessening any damage to your vehicle.

A vehicle coming in contact with an unexpected pothole as it drives on the road

While Driving

If you find yourself in the midst of driving over a pothole, here's a few things to keep in mind:

  • Drive slowly and keep within the speed limit if possible.
  • Don't speed up to a pothole. Most people believe that "flying over" a pothole will lessen the impact, but it could actually cause more damage and may even puncture your tire
  • Don't tailgate. Tailgating reduces your reaction time when the unexpected happens
  • Watch out for puddles or ice that could be patching up a pothole.
  • Grip your steering wheel firmly while driving over a pothole, as it will jerk around while in movement. Keeping control of your steering wheel ensures that your vehicle won't sway in different directions after impact.
  • Don't brake into a pothole. If your vehicle ends up taking damage, it's better to have the body take impact as opposed to your brakes
  • Make sure your wheels are correctly aligned. Not only is this important for your vehicle's handling, but also for the lifespan of your tires.
  • If you think your vehicle took substantial damage, pullover and check around the vehicle. Look for anything such as body damage, flat tires, or talk to a maintenance specialist at Kentwood Ford.

But most importantly, do your best to avoid potholes altogether. If a pothole is too wide or too difficult to navigate around, follow the steps above.

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Vehicle Maintenance

There are also measures you can take before you start driving that'll help you tackle potholes on the road. With proper maintenance on your vehicle, you can lessen the risk of any further damage.

  • Keep your tires properly inflated. Not only will it help cushion the impact, but it also decreases the chances of your tires flattening
  • Check your vehicle's suspension and steering by an experienced mechanic--such as the ones in our excellent service team here at Kentwood Ford *winkwink*
  • Also keep an eye out for other moving parts in your vehicle such as your shocks, struts and springs.

We hope this little guide helped you conquer the worst thing about summer driving so you can get back to actually enjoying it. From all of us at Kentwood Ford, go outside and enjoy the beautiful Edmonton weather!

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