Road Trip Accessories For Your Ford Vehicle

No matter whether you're driving an Escape, an Expedition, or even just a tiny Focus for your road trip, there's plenty of road trip accessories you can add to your Ford to make the journey a more pleasant one. Not only are they customizable, but they're also perfectly tailored for whatever vehicle you may have.

We at Kentwood Ford made a list of must-have road trip accessories that we think would pair perfectly with your summer plans. You're always welcome to check out our parts department if you're looking for a specific accessory at affordable prices.


Racks and Carriers

Planning on going for a rugged bike ride in the mountains, or through a smooth path by the river? To carry your gear, we've got the strongest and best-fitting bike rack system for you to add to your vehicle. With bars, feet, a fit kit, and locks all included in one box, you're not even limited to just adding a bike rack on top. You can also add a boat rack if you plan on actually going inside the river, or a cargo box if you're out of storage inside your vehicle.

Exterior view of the racks on the roof of a Ford vehicle

A windshield sunscreen accessory for the Ford Escape on display

Windshield Sunscreen

While the Albertan winters are harsh, the summers can be just as brutal too. The heat from the sun only aggravates the dry humidity in our prairie province, so imagine what that must feel like inside your car! That's why Ford makes custom sunscreens to help reduce the temperature inside your vehicle. The reflective material on the sunscreen protects the interior from being damaged by powerful UV rays and helps cool down your vehicle's cabin--especially the front seats. You can get them for any Ford vehicle and you'll thank yourself for it.

Remote Starter System

While most people associate using their remote starters for warming up their vehicle during the winter, having one is just as convenient for the summer as well. Some people tend to forget that you can also use your vehicle's remote starter to get the air conditioning and ventilated seats (if available) flowing before you walk inside for a cool and breezy interior.

Ford's Remote Starter System

Interior view of the rear seat entertainment screens on the back of the front seats

Rear Seat Entertainment

While watching the raindrops race against each other on the windows may seem fun, there's better ways for you to pass the time. That's why Ford makes rear-seat entertainment units, so you don't have to keep losing raindrop racing bets against your siblings! These units can come as either single or dual 10.1-inch screens with a built-in DVD player and lightweight mounting system, and can also accept USB and HDMI inputs if you want to plug in a tablet or gaming system.

Splash Guard

For those looking for a solution to dirty and muddy driving on the road, the available splash guards help prevent them from building up on the inside of your vehicle. They come packaged in a 2-piece set for the front or the rear of your vehicle and are durable enough to withstand any element. Plus, that embossed Ford logo on each one doesn't look half bad, either.

The splash guard accessory being featured as it's attached on a Ford vehicle

These are just only a small taste of our road trip accessories you can add to your Ford. For anything else we can do to help with your summer plans, contact Kentwood Ford today!

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