What's The Difference Between All These SYNC® Models?

As technology keeps advancing in the modern age, most aspects of our lives have become easier while some parts are left more confusing than ever. There's a lot of techno-jargon out there these days, and it makes living in the digital era fairly complicated when you're wondering why you can't get internet on a Bluetooth connection.

While Ford has a handful of amazing infotainment technologies available on the latest vehicles (such as the Ford SYNC) there may be a lot of confusion over them because so many things are labelled SYNC, such as the SYNC Connect and SYNC 3. So what's the difference all these Ford SYNC technologies? We at Kentwood Ford are here to explain!


Person using the Ford SYNC technology while driving their Ford vehicle

Ford SYNC is the company's base-level infotainment system, which already comes packed with tons of features. For both convenience and safety, the majority of your controls for the SYNC system are voice-activated so you can stay focused while driving your Ford vehicle (most notably for this pun, the Ford Focus). You can call someone by just saying their name, or control your music by saying "Bluetooth audio," followed by play/pause, next song, or previous song. Additionally, the standard LCD screen gives you ample reading size for when caller ID or song titles are displayed.

SYNC® Connect

The main interface menu of the Ford SYNC connect on the infotainment system

If you're looking to add wi-fi capabilities and features to your Ford vehicle, SYNC® Connect gives you the power to do so. In comparison to Ford SYNC® and SYNC® 3, SYNC Connect is not the infotainment system itself, but a feature that lets you use 4G LTE and Wi-Fi to let you connect your devices to the vehicle. Not only do you get to browse the internet with the SYNC® Connect's wireless system, but you can also remotely control your Ford vehicle using the FordPass app. With the FordPass app, you have access to tons of different remote features. For example, you can start your vehicle's engine along with locking/unlocking the doors from any location!


Man playing music in his Ford vehicle using the Ford SYNC technology that is compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto

For the ultimate Ford-driving experience, SYNC® 3 is the latest generation of the SYNC infotainment system, giving you tons of upgraded features with the latest smart technology. Along with enhanced voice control capabilities, SYNC® 3 also comes with an intuitive touchscreen to navigate its upgraded user interface (granted, when you're not driving). For a better smartphone connectivity experience, the SYNC® 3 also allows you to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to use your favourite smartphone apps and keep you connected while on the road. Speaking of smartphones, SYNC® 3 systems also allow for SYNC® Connect compatibility, so you can use the FordPass app to remotely start your engine or lock/unlock your vehicle.

From all of us here at Kentwood Ford, we hope you have a better understanding of the difference between these Ford SYNC technologies. If you have any other questions about them, which ones your Ford vehicle is compatible with, or about other Ford technologies, let us know!

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