Why you should have a Blind-Spot Information System on your Ford

Today's Ford models have some of the most advanced tech available and the most intuitive safety features to give drivers peace of mind. One of these features is the intuitive Blind Spot Information System, which alerts you of incoming vehicles where you have the most difficulty seeing them.

While several safety features already come standard with most models, some features are exclusive to certain models or higher trim-levels. However, you still have the option to add these additional safety features should you choose, but is it worth the extra effort and money? Let Kentwood Ford help you find the answer.

F150 Side View mirror

How It Works

The BLIS assists drivers who have difficulties viewing or monitoring their blind spots while driving. Once your vehicle travels above a speed of 4.82 km/h, the two multi-beam radar modules on both sides of your Ford vehicle are activated. From there, the BLIS detects and identifies vehicles that enter the blind zone area and flashes the indicator lights on the corresponding side view mirror. This warns you of any upcoming vehicles, so you can think twice before accidentally clipping someone while trying to switch lanes.

Cross-Traffic Alert

Ford Vehicle Odometer

Another advantage of having the BLIS for your Ford vehicle is that it also comes with Cross Traffic Alert, which is designed to warn you of incoming vehicles approaching the rear of your vehicle while driving in reverse. The system uses three different range warnings, with each one intensifying the closer you are to another vehicle. Cross Traffic Alert can also sense vehicles moving at least 8 kph within a 13-metre range, which is the equivalent of five parking spaces from either side of the vehicle. The system becomes especially useful when you're backing out of parking spots or driveways where there's high potential of other vehicles travelling in the same area. This can help mitigate the chances of incidents ranging from minor fender benders, to even severe collisions while trying to move out of difficult parking spaces.

Extra Assurance

Ford Vehicle Side View Mirror

The main reason why you would want the BLIS for your Ford vehicle is that it gives you better peace-of-mind while you're on the road. While the system isn't a complete replacement for regular shoulder checking, the BLIS still helps by giving you both a visual and audio aid for detecting incoming vehicles driving near you when you want to switch lanes. The system especially comes in handy while driving on the highway because of the high speeds vehicles will travel at. Most people have difficulties switching lanes on highways (let alone in normal city streets), so having the BLIS handy can go a long way to keep you safe from potential collisions.

These were just a few of the reasons why we think the Blind Spot Information System is worth adding to your list of Ford safety features. For more questions on BLIS or any other safety technology, make sure to let the folks at Kentwood Ford know!

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