The advantages of having Ford's Auto Start-Stop Technology in your vehicle

Does bringing your Ford to the gas pumps put a dent in your heart as much as it does in your wallet these days? We at Kentwood Ford can relate. Luckily, Ford's engineers are innovative enough to add more fuel-efficient technologies to your vehicle so you can take fewer trips to the pumps that put us all in dismay. Most notably, Ford's Auto Start-Stop technology helps you save gas by switching the engine off whenever your vehicle comes to a full stop and turns back on with just a push of the pedal. Learn more about the advantages of having Auto Start-Stop in your Ford vehicle, right here at your local Edmonton Ford dealer!

Saves Fuel

Money coming out of a gas pump nozzle

The main advantage of having Auto Start-Stop technology in your vehicle is the amount of gas you'd be saving! Whether or not you're avoiding eye-contact with the backwards cap-driving, Oakley sunglass-wearing commuter next to you, so much fuel gets burned while your vehicle sits idle at the stop light. The American Auto Association (AAA) estimates that your vehicle typically burns a quarter gallon of gas for every 10-15 minutes your vehicle stays idle, which equals to just less than 1-litre. The Auto Start Stop technology in your engine was designed to reduce that consumption, so you can save more gas on the road and cash at the pump.

Doesn't Affect Performance

Ford SUV on a freeway

If you initially thought that the Auto Start-Stop technology would affect your vehicle's acceleration time after the light turns green, you'd be surprised. Your vehicle's engine starts immediately as you press your foot on the pedal again--it's like your engine never stopped! This is made possible by innovative Ford engineering, with each engine carrying a heavy-duty battery and starter than handles every additional start to prevent early wear-and-tear. While most batteries and engines may fail you when you need them most, you can always trust Ford to produce the most reliable performance and tech around town!

Fully-Operational Features

Ford Interior

Speaking of tech, Ford also designed the Auto Start-Stop in the engine to ensure it doesn't impact your usage of other features in the vehicle as well. That means, all your vehicle's normal functions such as air conditioning, heating, radio, and more remain fully-operational while at rest. However, there are a few exceptions where the engine may keep running, such as when it's still warming up, if the cold temperatures outside are too extreme, or when you're using your vehicle to tow something behind. Otherwise, you can rest assured everything inside your vehicle performs as best as possible, no matter what.

Standard Across Several EcoBoost Models

Ford Models lined up viewed from the side

While the Auto Start-Stop technology didn't come to North America until 2010, it was available for several 4-cylinder engine models and was only offered as an additional feature.

Since 2016, Ford has made Auto Start-Stop standard across every EcoBoost model of the F-150 and expanded the technology to work on higher-output engines such as V6 and V8's. Additionally, Ford also announced plans to eventually make Auto Start-Stop standard on every EcoBoost engine model of Ford vehicles available in their lineup.

These were only just a few of the bonuses you get with Ford's Auto Start-Stop in your vehicle. To learn more about how you can add this fuel-saving technology onto yours, make sure to let us at Kentwood Ford know!

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