Why you should upgrade to a 360-degree camera for your Ford F-150

Almost every truck driver suffers the same disadvantage of having less viewing points because of the sizes of their vehicles. Driving in reverse already feels stressful enough with sedans and SUVs, so imagine how much of your view becomes blocked while driving one of the largest vehicle classes available. Unveiled in 2014, Ford's 360-degree camera with split-view display was introduced as a brand-new technology for the Ford F-150 to help solve that blocked view problem.

Four years later, the 360-degree camera is still available as an upgrade across all F-150 models. While most F-150 models already come with a standard backup camera and rear parking sensors, we at Kentwood Ford still think upgrading to the 360-degree camera is a worthwhile investment. Do you want to know why? Keep reading to find out!

How It Works

Along the exterior of the F-150, there are four cameras: one on the front grille, one on the tailgate handle, and one on each side view mirror. All four cameras create images on each side of the vehicle and stitch one image together to produce a bird's eye view while you're driving. From the driver's seat, you have the ability to see up to seven feet around the F-150. This is especially helpful when trying to get into difficult parking spaces, move through tight spots in the city, or navigate through tough terrain while travelling at lower speeds.


Helps Navigate Larger Vehicles

Driving a truck in Alberta is no easy task, especially if you're trying to get out of a really tiny A&W parking lot. Trucks have the disadvantage of bigger blind spots because of their larger size and heightened suspension compared to most vehicles. The 360-degree camera offers the best solution possible for navigating through spaces where it's hard to see your surroundings. Using the two side mirror cameras, parking within the lines and getting out of spaces becomes much easier, especially when trying to avoid a door ding or scratching your low profile tires/wheels while doing it.

Ford Console Close-up

Multiple Viewing Options

Another great thing about the 360-degree camera is that you're not completely stuck with the bird's eye view. You also have the option of choosing from a selection of views for each camera: front view, rear view, and wide angles for both. In addition, the 360-degree camera also includes Rear Cross-Traffic Alert which warns you of vehicles approaching the rear of your vehicle while driving in reverse. It uses three different range warnings with each one intensifying the closer a vehicle approaches.


Hitch Assist

Also included with the 360-degree camera, the hitch assist feature helps you connect your trailer with ease. The system provides you with a dynamic sight line to help you direct your hitch ball to the trailer receiver, without help from a spotter. The sight line curves towards the direction of the visible hitch ball so all you have to do is make sure it's lined up and everything works with (out) a hitch.

These are just a few of the advantages you get with upgrading your camera system to the 360-degree multiview camera on the F-150. To learn more about other Ford safety technologies, let us at Kentwood Ford know!

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