Everything You Need To Know About Ford's Adaptive Cruise Control

When the 8 o'clock commute on the Anthony Henday isn't as congested as the summertime allergies you're experiencing, cruise control comes in handy to help you maintain your high-speed levels on the road. Now with new and improved technology, Ford has introduced integrated Adaptive Cruise Control for most of its vehicle lineup, and it's the most convenient way to adjust your speed on the road.

What technology is exactly in the Adaptive Cruise Control? How do I use it? Is it gonna help me not crash into another F-150 while I'm trying to eat my Sausage 'N Egg McMuffin during the morning Henday rush? Only Kentwood Ford has the answers you're looking for.

What is Adaptive Cruise Control?

Adaptive Cruise Control not only regulates your speed like normal cruise control, but it also adjusts it by constantly scanning for slower vehicles in front of you and automatically changes your speed to maintain a safe gap in-between. The system uses radar sensors installed throughout the vehicle to monitor objects so it can change its speed accordingly, and can even bring it to a stop when it detects heavy traffic. When a vehicle is no longer detected, the Adaptive Cruise Control sets your speed back to normal--rest assured, your lap will be safe from boiling hot coffee spilling over from harsh braking.

How to Use Adaptive Cruise Control

Controlling the Adaptive Cruise Control on your Ford is just as easy as with any other vehicle cruise control.

  1. To set a cruising speed, simply toggle between the on/off cruise control switch on your steering wheel, switch to "On" then accelerate to your desired speed. From there, just press "Set" and you're free to remove your foot from the accelerator.
  2. To adjust the gap setting, simply press the up or down arrow on your steering wheel control switch to either increase or decrease your vehicle's follow distance setting.

Benefits of Having Adaptive Cruise Control

  • Convenience: Having the convenience of your vehicle automatically adjust its speed while driving on the highway makes for an easier and smoother drive.
  • Peace of mind: From a safety standpoint, the Adaptive Cruise Control takes away some of the stress from driving at high speeds and gives you more reassurance on the road
  • Eases braking impact: The Adaptive Cruise Control's automatic speed adjustment makes for smoother braking on the road while maintaining a safe distance between you and other vehicles.
  • Helps smooth traffic flow: A phenomenon known as "phantom traffic jams" are caused by erratic motions from vehicles at the front of traffic who create a chain reaction of braking and accelerating on the following vehicles. The Adaptive Cruise Control has shown to help minimize the likelihood of phantom traffic jams and smooth traffic flow along the way.

This was just a quick overview of Ford's Adaptive Cruise Control technology. To learn more about some of Ford's other safety technologies, make sure to keep updated with Kentwood Ford's website.

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