Should I Buy a Lifted Truck?

There's a reason you see so many lifted trucks driving around Edmonton. With demanding job site access, challenging roads, and brutal winters, your truck should be Alberta tough. Towering above other cars, you'll conquer terrain with better ground clearance capability than standard trucks. Adding a lift kit to an F-Series truck also offers a greater tire size selection, allowing you to perform when you're in mud, snow, rain, or anything else. Continue reading to learn about the improved capabilities of the ultra-capable new F-Series lifted pickup trucks from Kentwood Ford.

Bigger Tires

Putting oversize tires on a stock F-Series pickup body can damage your tires, wheel wells, and suspension--a real Calgary move. If you want to upsize your tires more than just a couple inches, get a lift to handle the additional size. Bigger tires will afford you better traction in all weather conditions. You'll look forward to the rainy days on a muddy job site with proper mud tires fitted to an appropriate lift.

Bigger tires also means better ground clearance. If you're the kind of person that prefers dirt over pavement, then you also probably know the feeling of bottoming out on rough terrain. A low ride height can cause massive damage to the underbody of your truck, costing thousands in repair. With a lift and oversized tires from Kentwood Ford, the kit will pay for itself by the damage prevented with those extra inches of clearance.



Smooth Ride

With a lifted F-Series truck and large tires, nothing can slow you down. Cruise over potholes and speed bumps without slowing down, while those import cars behind you will have to find a new route. When Edmonton gets a 20 cm overnight January snowfall, your lifted truck will pull right over the driveway snowbanks while your neighbours are left to shovel out their vehicles.


Field of View & Safety

Driving is a lot more fun when you're the biggest truck on the road. Improve reaction time by seeing further down the road, and never again wonder what's causing the traffic jam ahead. Not to mention, your cabin is perched far above the accident impact zone, keeping you safe in the event of an accident. With better visibility and improved safety, you can just relax and enjoy the ride.


Look Like a Badass

Last but certainly not least, you'll look like a badass. Let's not beat around the bush--everyone knows that lifted trucks just look better. With a crisp paint job, new oversized tires and a respectable lift, your friends won't stop asking about it.


Whatever Ford pickup truck you're looking for, Kentwood Ford in Edmonton, AB has the one for you. With a wide selection of stock and lifted F-150s, F-250s and F-350s, you can choose the exact color, height, and trim. Contact us today to see our F-Series lineup in person.

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