Must-Have Accessories For Your Ford Truck

So you just bought a Ford truck. Congratulations! You're now one of the bajillion other Albertans who also bought one--and who's to blame? Ford trucks have been a staple in our province for several generations. It's no surprise that we've gone to great lengths to make sure our Ford trucks are just as unique as we are. That's why Kentwood Ford's accessory department is here to help make your Ford truck fit your needs and personality. Check out our list of must-have accessories to add to yours, today!

Truck Bed Ladder

Truck Bed Cover

If you've got a lot of equipment inside your F-150's truck bed that you don't want other people touching, then consider buying a cover for it! It helps store and protect your cargo while keeping them out of sight and ensuring everything's still there when you get back.

Rubber Mats

As we all know, the winters here in Edmonton can get a little wet and messy, while the summers leave room for dry dirt and debris. Luckily, adding rubber mats to the interior of your Ford truck will prepare it to handle all kinds of messes throughout the year, keeping your floors nice and clean. Each floor mat comes constructed with all-season rubberized thermoplastic and are specially designed to precisely fit your make and model.

Close up of underside of a Ford vehicle

Mud Flaps

Keep your Ford truck looking like a diamond in the rough with the toughest mud flaps in town. Your Ford truck is prone to having heavy road sludge and debris splashed around, causing a ruined finish that finish, leaves it looking like its been through hell and back. Having a set of mud flaps attached to your Ford truck helps ensure it never dulls or wears itself out.


While the F-150 already includes the standard SYNC system, we recommend upgrading to the fully-loaded SYNC 3 for the best on-board technology experience possible. With the SYNC 3, you get additional voice-activation features, an intuitive on-board touchscreen, and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatibility for a more streamlined smartphone connection. Additionally, those who like using the popular navigation app Waze on their smartphone can now use it directly in the SYNC 3 system, letting you outsmart traffic with everyone else who uses the app--finding detours on the Whitemud will be no problem!

Lift Kit

Want to get the best off-roading performance from your F-150 and want to look like a total badass simultaneously? Come visit our Kentwood Kustoms accessory department to add a set of lift kits and levels to your Ford truck. Adding a lift kit lets you add bigger tires, gives you better ground clearance, and makes you (literally) stand above other vehicles on the road. You can read more about how adding a lift kit gives you the best out of your Ford truck by clicking here.

Lifted Ford Pick Up

If you're still unsure about what accessories to get for your Ford truck, make sure you contact our accessory department to let our experts help you find everything you need to get going!

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