Should I Add Forward and Reverse Sensors to My Ford?

Ford continues to stay ahead of the curve with its innovative safety and driving assistance technologies. Another great example of these technologies is the available forward and reverse sensor system that helps detect incoming objects that get too close to either bumper of your Ford. Should you add it to your Ford? Read on to learn more.

How Does It Work?

Before we get into the benefits, let's get see how the system works. When your vehicle is in drive or reverses and moving slowly, the vehicle's radar sensors detect objects in front of, or behind, your vehicle and emits a high pitched beeping sound if an object is detected. From there, the beeps will become more rapid the closer an object is and will emit a solid tone once it's within 10-inches. The sensors activate depending on what gear you're on, so if your vehicle is on drive, the front sensor will turn on, while the rear activates on reverse.


Parallel Parking

One of the most useful instances both sensors work great for is while attempting to parallel park along the street, especially if you're somewhere in the downtown area. Finding parking downtown is already a challenge itself, but finding free street parking and having the confidence to park in-between two other cars without any scratches or dents is perhaps one of the greatest wins of all.

Driving Reassurance

Speaking of confidence, the forward and reverse sensors for your vehicle help provide better peace of mind for your driving and parking. While nothing can replace good old-fashioned shoulder checking and vigilance on the road, both sensors are a great way to give you better reassurance over whether you may hit an object in front or behind your vehicle. It's a great tool to keep your vehicle free of heavy cosmetic damages and to make sure you and your passengers stay safe.

A close up of a vehicle in an empty parking lot

This was just a quick look at how the forward and reverse sensor system works and some of the benefits that come with adding it to your Ford. If you have any more questions about the system, or any other Ford safety technologies, make sure to let us at Kentwood Ford know!

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