The Best Accessories for your Ford Mustang

Driving a Ford Mustang brings a level of excitement and style that's unparalleled to other muscle cars on the market. Being the popular car that it is, there are hundreds of parts and accessories available to give your Mustang the personal touch it needs to turn heads on Edmonton roads. That's why we at Kentwood Ford compiled a list of some of the must-have accessories we recommend adding to your Mustang. Let's take a look!

Shift KnobMustang Shift Knob

For those driving a manual transmission Mustang, this is the perfect accessory to add more fun while shifting gears. This carbon fibre shift knob is smooth to the touch and gives a premium touch to an already impressive pony car. It pairs perfectly well with an all-black interior and centre console.

Sport PedalsMustang Shift Pedals

Available for both automatic and manual models, these sports pedals come in aluminum finishes to give your Mustang an extra performance touch, and the true meaning of putting the pedal to the metal--within city speed limits of course. Each pedal features an aluminum construction and slip-resistant pads for each cover, and they're easy to install.

All-Weather Matshr3z 6313300 aa   pony logo 20170517132431 e1535399521435 300x240 1

These heavy-duty floor liner mats were made for Canadian weather. Designed with deep grooves and ridges, the all-weather mats for your Mustang can protect the interior of your vehicle from snow, rain, mud, dirt, and anything else you can think of. Each mat includes nibbed backing and positive retention to keep them perfectly in place without any slippage.

Center Caps2019 Mustang wheels with centre caps

For those wanting a supplementary touch of style, you can't go wrong with showing off that classic Mustang emblem. Add a set of low-gloss center caps with the iconic pony logo on each of your wheels, so you can showcase that Mustang pride and heritage wherever you drive. One set comes with four caps total and comes available exclusively to 18-inch wheel kits.

Wheel Locks2019 Mustang wheel locks

Protect your Mustang from wheel and tire theft with a set of chrome-plated wheel locks for added peace of mind. Use these locks as replacements for any exposed lug nut on your rims and see the difference it makes to the security of your Mustang's tires. You also have the option of adding zing locks to replace any hidden lug nut and the kit comes with 4 locks total, plus a key to add or remove them.

These were only just a handful of the accessories we think you should consider picking up for your Mustang. Want to know what else we'd recommend? Come visit us at our north Edmonton dealership, or contact our parts and accessories department to learn more!

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