What You Need to Know About the September 2018 Ford Recall

If you've purchased any F 150 model from the last three years, you may be at risk of experiencing a serious defect with your Ford truck. After safety regulators from the United States began to add pressure for the Ford Motor Company to fix the issue, they recently recalled two million F 150 pickup trucks from 2015 to 2018 due to a problem with the front seatbelt pretensioners. Moreso, about 340,000 of those trucks were purchased in Alberta


The excellent service team here at Kentwood Ford already began repairing our F 150 stock since the announcement and will complete repairs on our entire inventory very soon. In the meantime, continue to read more about everything you need to know about this recent Ford recall.

What's The Issue?

Hand fastening seat belt in the car

According to the Ford Motor Company, F 150 truck models from 2015 to 2018 are experiencing safety issues with the seatbelt pretensioners on the front driver and passenger seats. Seatbelt pretensioners pull the seatbelt in and tighten it when the vehicle detects a potential collision, bracing the passengers for impact. These faulty pretensioners can produce excessive sparks when they tighten before a crash, causing gases to ignite inside the support pillar between the front and rear seats. This may lead to the insulation and carpet inside the truck to catch on fire.

Ford recently stated that 23 reports of smoke or fire in U.S. and Canadian trucks were made, but luckily no injuries were reported alongside those incidents.

How Do We Fix It?

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Dealers across Canada have taken many precautions in repairing these faulty pretensioners, including Kentwood Ford. Service technicians will remove the insulation from each truck and install heat-resistant tape to ensure no sparks will ignite. They also will remove remnants of wiring tape while modifying the interior panels found in Regular Cab F 150 trucks. Starting on September 24th, owners will be notified on whether their Ford truck qualifies for this recall, in which case you can bring it over to us and we'll take care of it, no problem.

Is My F-150 Affected by the Recall?

  • CLICK HERE to check if your vehicle qualifies for the repair.
  • If so, make sure to bring it to our north Edmonton dealership or book a service appointment ahead of time on our website.
  • Make sure to contact us here at Kentwood Ford for any of your questions or concerns regarding this Ford recall.
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