The Best Accessories for your Ford Super Duty

Just by itself, the Ford Super Duty already proves itself a mechanical and technological marvel. While many heavy-duty pickup trucks pale in comparison to the Super Duty, some trucks already come well-equipped with accessories suitable for any occasion. Luckily, Kentwood Ford keeps the best selection of Ford parts and accessories in our inventory to make your Ford Super Duty even more super, so take a look at what we think you should add onto yours, today.

Keyless Entry KeypadKeyless Entry Keypad

Tired of fumbling around your pockets for your keys, or have your hands occupied with all your groceries or toolkits? With the keyless entry keypad, all you have to do is enter your number combination into the programmable, backlit keypad and your Ford truck is unlocked just like that! You don't even need to wire or drill it in to install it, but you should get one of our parts guys to do it for you.

Gooseneck Hitch KitGooseneck Hitch Kit

If you need to mount something on top of the bed of your Super Duty, then consider adding the gooseneck hitch kit for any Ford truck. The gooseneck hitch ball design helps prevent any unintended hitch release if you have a trailer attached to it, and you can both install and remove it from inside the bed if you want to keep the bed surface flat again.

Tonneau/Bed CoverTonneau/Bed Cover

Edmonton's variable weather makes it hard to keep your cargo dry when left outside, so that's why we recommend adding a bed cover to any of our Ford trucks! This premium soft roll-up tonneau, in particular, is fit for any weather condition thanks to its fully automatic tension control. You can rest assured that all of your cargo is stowed away, hidden from sight, and protected from the natural elements.

Stowable Bed Ramp KitStowable Bed Ramp Kit

If you're looking to bring that sweet ATV with you for the weekend, then you should consider adding a stowable bed ramp to your Super Duty. The bed ramp kit makes it super convenient to enter or exit the truck bed with large loads or wheeled equipment. Heavy-duty Ford trucks have the benefit of being able to fit loads of that size in the truck bed, so why not take advantage of it?

LED Warning Strobes

Construction season may be dwindling down in the city, but the ever-so looming winter snowstorms make it all the better to add a set of LED warning strobe lights to your Super Duty. These strobe lights are visible up to 1,000 feet during the day and up to a mile when it's dark out, making it perfect for commuters to drive with caution when construction, or city work, is taking place on the road.

These were only a few of the accessories we'd recommend adding to your Super Duty, for everything else we carry, our Kentwood Kustoms accessory department has all the original Ford parts and accessories you're looking for. If we don't carry it in stock, we'll even order it in for you no problem!

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