What You Need to Know About the October 2018 Ford Focus Recall

As of October 25, 2018, the Ford Motor Company announced a recall on 1.5 million Ford Focuses in North America, with 136,000 of them in Canada. A problem was recently found with the fuel system for the Ford sedan model, which can cause the engine to stall abruptly with no prior warning. If you're currently driving a Ford Focus manufactured from the 2012 through 2018 model years with the 2-litre cylinder engine, you may be at risk.

What's The Problem?

The Ford Motor Company stated there's a valve in the fuel system that can remain stuck in the open position, leaving excessive vacuuming that can cause the gas tank to deform, along with other mechanical problems. The engine control computer may also not detect the problem, which could explain why there's no warning for the engine to stall. The problem was discovered after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the United States, brought owner complaints directly to Ford. Luckily, Ford says no crashes or injuries were reported to the company that were caused by the fuel system problem.

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The Solution

All Ford dealerships (including your friends here at Kentwood Ford) will reprogram the computer to make sure problems like this will be detected, and may even replace the fuel system valve if necessary. Additionally, dealerships will also inspect a carbon canister in your Focus and replace the gas tank if it's required. If you're still concerned about the engine stalling while driving, Ford recommends that owners should keep the gas tank at least half full until dealerships repair the problem.

2018 Focus Titanium in Lightning Blue

Is My Ford Focus Affected by the Recall?

Of course, if you think your Ford Focus may be affected by this problem, you're more than welcome to bring it to our north Edmonton dealership.

  • CLICK HERE to check if your vehicle qualifies for the repair.
  • If so, bring your Ford Focus to us (or book a service appointment ahead of time online)
  • Make sure to contact us at Kentwood Ford (whether via phone or message) for any of your questions or concerns.
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