The best accessories you can get for your Ford F-150

Edmonton's best-selling pickup truck is number one for a reason, and it's because it's been one of the most reliable vehicles for over 70 years. Here in Edmonton, you can't go 5 seconds without spotting an F-150 on the road--if there was a Punch-buggy game for this truck, your arm would be more purple than Barney, Grimace, or an eggplant. If you're looking to upgrade your F 150 to your liking, your preferences, and to better fit your personality, you've come to the right place.

Kentwood Ford has a wide array of accessories to not only make your driving experience easier but to also help your F-150 make a lasting impression on Edmonton roads. Take a look at some of the accessories we have to offer here at our North Edmonton dealership!

Bumper Mounted Warning Sensors

Let's face it, the F-150 has quite the large stature. It stands tall above most vehicles on the road, but it's hard not to tense up from the thought of hitting something behind us while trying to reverse out of a tight space. Luckily, you can install warning sensors to the back of your F150, which emits three varying alarm sounds as your rear bumper gets closer to an object.

Lift Kits

Custom F-150 in grey with a lift kit

There are plenty of benefits to adding a lift kit to your Ford truck, such as obstacle clearance, better towing leverage, adding bigger tires, and more (you can read about all the added benefits, here). If you're looking to add a lift kit to your F-150, Kentwood Ford is home to one of the best truck customizing departments in all of Edmonton! Kentwood Kustoms specializes in adding lift kits, level kits, custom rims,tires, and so much more.

Bed Divider

F-150 XLT in Ruby Red with XTR package loading plywood into the truck bed

While some of us feel tempted to just carelessly throw in all of our tools into the truck, others love to keep an organized truck bed to sort their important equipment. Adding a bed divider to your F-150 helps create dual zones in your truck bed to keep you and your stuff coordinated. The divider is built with a reinforced plastic and nylon composite, making it weather resistant for the Edmonton winters.

Custom Paintwork

Ford F-150 with custom red paint parked in front of the Kentwood Ford sign

On top of adding lift kits and level kits to your F-150, Kentwood Kustoms is also the best place to add some flavour to your Ford truck! Our motto here at Kentwood Kustoms is to build the Ford truck of your dreams and adding customized decals and paintwork is one of the many ways we can help you realize that dream and make yours unique and fit your personality.

Make sure to contact our parts department today if you're looking to add any of these accessories to your F-150, and stop by our north Edmonton dealership to see how Kentwood Kustoms can customize your Ford!

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