Kentwood Critiques: Our Review of the 2019 Ford Ranger

If you haven't already noticed, we at Kentwood Ford can't get enough of the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger. Ford's classic compact pickup made a comeback this year after an eight-year hiatus in North America, and Ford enthusiasts have been clamouring for its return ever since. Now that we've finally got it in hand at our dealership, our Vice President and fearless leader, Ashley Roy, test drove it himself and shared his thoughts on Ford's revival for the Ranger.

The Fully-Equipped Lariat

Black leather interior of the 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat with SYNC 3 and 8-inch touchscreen

"I normally drive an F-150, but decided to drive the Lariat edition of the new 2019 Ford Ranger over the weekend."

This Ranger's fully-equipped for any Alberta weather, thanks to its 4x4 drive and traction control (we'll get into that more later). But the Lariat's also packed on the inside as well, with heated leather seats, a full 8-inch touchscreen, and SYNC® 3 with navigation!

Amazing Traction

 ketnwood ford ranger review 5 1

"I was VERY impressed with how this truck stuck to the road. I was testing it out going around corners to see if it would fish tale, but it was very hard to get it to lose control. Once you enter the spin, the traction control quickly recognizes this, kicks in, then gets the truck back on a straight plane. This is a significant improvement from the old Ranger!"


Smooth as Ice

Badge and tires of the 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat in white

"This Ranger is also a smooth ride, it definitely does not feel like driving a bigger truck. Feels more like the ride of an Explorer."

A lot of this can be attributed to the Ranger's intuitive suspension and shock absorbers, capable of adapting to any road conditions to offer the smoothest ride on any terrain. If you're looking for a compact pickup truck that's perfect to drive in any weather condition Edmonton brings, the Ford Ranger is the truck for you!

Glove compartment and dashboard of the 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat in gun metal grey

Come to Kentwood Ford if you're interested in test-driving the new Ranger, today!

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