Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

Buying a vehicle is never easy, especially if it's used. The added stress of figuring out the car's complete history can be super stressful and very time-consuming. If you're in the market for a used car, there's a lot to consider, needless to say. No matter whether you're buying privately, or from our excellent Used Car Supercenter just on 137th avenue and 97th street *winkwink*, your friends at Kentwood Ford are here to help you prepare for the process.

When you're ready to buy a used vehicle, consider grilling the seller with our list of questions to get all the information about the vehicle you're interested in!

Vehicle History

  • Why are you selling the car? (Private seller)
  • How long have you owned the car? (Private seller)
  • Who/where did you buy the vehicle from?
  • Did any recent accidents occur with this vehicle?
  • Can you provide a CARFAX Canada report?
  • Does the car have a spare tire and jack?

Vehicle Condition

  • What's the current condition of the car like?
  • How much mileage is already on the car? (Always double check the vehicle report on this one)
  • Did the car have regular oil changes?
  • Has the car ever been repainted?
  • Was any car component ever replaced/updated?
  • Does it come with winter tires? (Private seller/Dealership discretion advised)
  • How many keys and remotes are included with the car?

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Are there any mechanical problems to know about?
  • Can we fix the existing mechanical problem before purchase?
  • What service has the dealership performed on the car since acquiring it? (Dealership)

  • Can I get an independent inspection for the car?
  • Can I take it for a test drive? For how long?
  • Do all the windows and locks work?
  • Do all of the lights, wipers and stereo work?

A row of Dodge Challengers at the Kentwood Ford Used Car Supercenter

Come to our Used Car Supercenter and grill our salespeople with these questions so you can get the easiest and safest buying experience possible! Maybe try challenging them to a game of H-O-R-S-E with our basketball hoop to see if they can cut you a little something special ;)

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