Lyndsey Smith Drives the Ford Edge

While Kentwood Ford sells its fair share of trucks and Mustangs, we also carry family-friendly vehicles for your everyday Edmontonians (and super-practical fleet vehicle vans, but that's for another post). No matter whether you need an SUV to pack all your gear, or bring the entire family along for the trip, there's Ford vehicle for you. That's why we asked our friend from the illustrious Over My Styled Body blog to help us show you what these Ford SUVs are capable of. Take a look at some of Lyndsey Smith's thoughts about the Ford Edge, below!

About Lyndsey

Lyndsey Smith posing on the window of a black Ford Edge

After getting constant inquiries about her personal style from friends, Lyndsey started her lifestyle blog, Over My Styled Body, 6 years ago as a creative outlet while attending college. Much like our other friend, Kira Paran, Lyndsey started her blog to showcase some of her own style and wardrobe, eventually growing into an all-encompassing lifestyle blog that covers everything from beauty, home, travel, and more!

Why Kentwood Ford?

Lyndsey Smith and some lady in a red jacket asking each other stuff in front of the Ford Edge

We agree with Lyndsey that trust and reliability are important factors when it comes to running a business--just one of a few things that Over My Styled Body and Kentwood Ford share in common with each other. We would've also said having excellent taste in handbags and marble dining rooms, but I don't think we'd rely on our sales team for that.

"Running my own business I'm constantly on the go and driving around the city. I loved that Kentwood Ford listened to my needs and was able to find us a vehicle that was perfect for our lifestyle. The Kentwood Ford team and their services have been so helpful and made running my business that much easier."

Ford Edge

Lyndsey SMith and husband posing with the liftgate of the Ford Edge

For the last few months, Lyndsey and her husband have been driving the Ford Edge around the city. With the recent birth of their son, the Smiths needed a vehicle that was roomy for the whole family, could take care and carry everything they need, all while staying safe to drive throughout.

"We recently just had our first baby and the Ford Edge is everything we need for our family! The amount of room it has is perfect for all our babies needs and the way the vehicle handles has given us the confidence to travel on any road conditions safely. The Ford Edge also gave us the flexibility to travel around the city safely with our son. Between car seats, strollers, and diaper bags we still have plenty of room to travel comfortably and are already looking forward to our first road trip!"

Thinking about driving your family forward with the Ford Edge? Explore our website to learn more about this fantastic SUV, or book your test drive for a more hands-on experience, today!

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