Top Features of the Ford Edge ST

One of the first of its kind, the 2019 Ford Edge introduces its new ST model in its line, built with Ford Performance engineering in mind. Now that some of our guys have gotten to spend time with the powerhouse SUV, we listed our top three features on the new performance vehicle. Take a look at our list, below!

High Horsepower

The Edge ST's biggest differentiator from its base model comes in the form of its new twin-turbocharged 2.7L EcoBoost® engine. It packs a much powerful punch compared to its predecessors, and even more so than some SUVs on the market. With a horsepower of 335 hp and torque of 380 lb-ft, it's hard to think of any other vehicle in its class that has the same capabilities as the Edge ST.

Ford Edge ST driving around the corner on the left, cockpit on the right

Sport Mode

Exclusive to the Edge ST, the new sport mode gives you the most exciting experience behind the wheel. Once it's activated, the suspension tightens and offers optimal torque distribution for a more stable drive at higher speeds--even with its all-wheel-drive system! Plus, the Edge ST also comes with a handful of exciting performance features that complement the new sport mode, including cluster and paddle shifters for greater control, as well as a unique engine sound that's quiet in the cabin but roars throughout the streets.

Red Ford Edge ST driving on the left, Blue Ford Edge ST rear on the right

Intelligent AWD with AWD Disconnect

Of course, driving with all-wheel drive is nearly a necessity here in Alberta. Luckily, the Edge ST not only comes with it but its Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system changes its drivetrain on the fly, according to the conditions. Additionally, the system also comes with AWD Disconnect, which shuts off the rear driveline to let the front wheels propel the vehicle. That way, you get less drag and more speed to meet the energy demands of the Edge ST.

Want to experience the Edge ST for yourself? Visit our north Edmonton dealership and test drive it for yourself!

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