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Must-Have Accessories for your Ford Ranger
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Must-Have Accessories for your Ford RangerWith the 2019 Ford Ranger available now at Kentwood Ford, we also have all the original Ford accessories to help your truck stand out on the road. Whether you need accessories for function or style, we've got everything you need at our north Edmonton dealership. Take a look below at some of our must-have accessories for your Ford Ranger!Hood Deflector   For...

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Accessories to take your Ford over the Edge
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Accessories to take your Ford over the EdgeWith the latest cutting-Edge Ford SUV coming to Kentwood Ford, we wanted to make sure you can get the most out of it with some useful accessories to enhance your driving experience. Take a look at some of our most notable accessories and then let us know if you want to order any at our north Edmonton dealership!Racks and CarriersThe Edge is one of the many...

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The best accessories you can get for your Ford F-150
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The best accessories you can get for your Ford F-150Edmonton's best-selling pickup truck is number one for a reason, and it's because it's been one of the most reliable vehicles for over 70 years. Here in Edmonton, you can't go 5 seconds without spotting an F-150 on the road--if there was a Punch-buggy game for this truck, your arm would be more purple than Barney, Grimace, or an eggplant. If you're...

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Stay Cozy With Heated Accessories for Your Ford
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Stay Cozy With Heated Accessories for Your FordWith winter finally in our backyards, you'll need to equip your Ford so it can handle the cold and harsh Albertan climate. Not only that, but you'll also want to equip your Ford to help keep you warm throughout your treacherous journey. With Kentwood Ford's select heated accessories, you can recreate that same cozy fireside warmth without layering up in...

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Recommended Accessories for your Ford Expedition
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Recommended Accessories for your Ford ExpeditionOne of the Ford Expedition's best features is the ability to customize it to your heart's desire. Moreso, because this truck-based SUV has so much potential to offer you and your passengers the best driving experience! There are many ways to accessorize your Ford Expedition to get the utmost comfort and convenience possible, and you can order them right...

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The Best Accessories for your Ford Super Duty
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The Best Accessories for your Ford Super DutyJust by itself, the Ford Super Duty already proves itself a mechanical and technological marvel. While many heavy-duty pickup trucks pale in comparison to the Super Duty, some trucks already come well-equipped with accessories suitable for any occasion. Luckily, Kentwood Ford keeps the best selection of Ford parts and accessories in our inventory to make...

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The Best Accessories for your Ford Mustang
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The Best Accessories for your Ford MustangDriving a Ford Mustang brings a level of excitement and style that's unparalleled to other muscle cars on the market. Being the popular car that it is, there are hundreds of parts and accessories available to give your Mustang the personal touch it needs to turn heads on Edmonton roads. That's why we at Kentwood Ford compiled a list of some of the must-have...

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Must-Have Accessories For Your Ford Truck
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Must-Have Accessories For Your Ford TruckSo you just bought a Ford truck. Congratulations! You're now one of the bajillion other Albertans who also bought one--and who's to blame? Ford trucks have been a staple in our province for several generations. It's no surprise that we've gone to great lengths to make sure our Ford trucks are just as unique as we are. That's why Kentwood Ford's accessory department...

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Why Customize Your Ford with Kentwood Kustoms
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Why Customize Your Ford with Kentwood KustomsLooking to make your Ford vehicle pop on these Edmonton roads? Luckily, Kentwood Ford has an amazing in-house accessory department to help you customize your Ford. Kentwood Kustoms has just about everything you need, from lift kits for your F-150, to stripe kits for your Mustang. Our north Edmonton dealership can help your Ford stand out amongst others in...

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Road Trip Accessories For Your Ford Vehicle
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Road Trip Accessories For Your Ford VehicleNo matter whether you're driving an Escape, an Expedition, or even just a tiny Focus for your road trip, there's plenty of road trip accessories you can add to your Ford to make the journey a more pleasant one. Not only are they customizable, but they're also perfectly tailored for whatever vehicle you may have.We at Kentwood Ford made a list of must-have...

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Where to Buy Ford Accessories?
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Where to Buy Ford Accessories?In the 21st century, the sky is definitely not the limit! When you are equipped with the perfect tools and have all the right connections, you can fulfill a dream and get it done just as you imagined. It's the same thing when it comes to Ford vehicles. With a little help from our factory-trained staff members and the perfect Ford accessories, you can have your dream vehicle...

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