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Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car
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Questions to Ask When Buying a Used CarBuying a vehicle is never easy, especially if it's used. The added stress of figuring out the car's complete history can be super stressful and very time-consuming. If you're in the market for a used car, there's a lot to consider, needless to say. No matter whether you're buying privately, or from our excellent Used Car Supercenter just on 137th avenue and 97th...

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A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide for your Ford F-150
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A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide for your Ford F-150With winter on the way here in Edmonton (because we're still in denial), now is the perfect time to make sure all of your maintenance is done on your F-150. Snow, ice, and road salt can deteriorate your truck if it's not dealt with right away, and Alberta's best-selling pickup truck deserves to be kept well-maintained, no matter what time of the...

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Should I Buy a Lifted Truck?
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Should I Buy a Lifted Truck?There's a reason you see so many lifted trucks driving around Edmonton. With demanding job site access, challenging roads, and brutal winters, your truck should be Alberta tough. Towering above other cars, you'll conquer terrain with better ground clearance capability than standard trucks. Adding a lift kit to an F-Series truck also offers a greater tire size selection,...

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How to pair your smartphone with your Ford SYNC

How to pair your smartphone with your Ford SYNCFord's SYNC system enhances your driving experience with convenient access to your phone's entire contact list and music library through voice commands or touchscreen navigation. But before you can take advantage of these great features, you've gotta pair your phone to the vehicle!While some may see it as a complicated task, pairing your phone with the...

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How To Use The Best FordPass App Features
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How To Use The Best FordPass App FeaturesYour driving experienced will be forever changed with the FordPass app. With your SYNC Connect-enabled Ford vehicle and smartphone, you're able to interact with your car like never before using wi-fi connectivity to access and control it via the app. In fact, there are so many features on the FordPass app that Kentwood Ford broke down some of our favourites...

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What's the difference between all of these Ford Technologies?
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What's the difference between all of these Ford Technologies?Ford vehicles are packed with so much technology these days, it's a little difficult to keep track of each one. Sometimes all we want is to just plug our phone into the car and play some tunes, but entertainment in the car has now shifted to infotainment, and we can access more than just our music. With all these extra features, it's hard...

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How to survive driving in Edmonton?
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How to survive driving in Edmonton?You know you live in Edmonton when you experience summer, fall, winter and spring weathers all in the same day! And yes, the weather can be really unpredictable on our side of the world. However, the unpredictable does not always have to be terrifying at all! So what are the best techniques to survive driving in Edmonton? At Kentwood Ford, we have put together some...

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Which Ford Truck Has The Greatest Towing Capacity
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Which Ford Truck Has The Greatest Towing CapacityWhether you're looking for a Ford truck for work or for play, Kentwood Ford can help you pick the best truck for your lifestyle. And often, no matter which truck you pick, towing capacity finds itself at the top of your checklist. Luckily for you the lineup of Ford trucks have best in class towing, among other benefits, like top safety ratings and the...

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Pickup Something to Make Your Truck Stand Out
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Pickup Something to Make Your Truck Stand OutHave you ever left a mall or grocery store and wandered the parking lot aimlessly looking for your vehicle, only to try and jam your key into the lock of your car for two minutes, cursing under your breath, when all of a sudden the actual owner of the vehicle walks up, unlocks it, and hops in, all while giving you a dirty look. Yeah me either (*laughs nervously*)....

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Our Service Department and You!
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Our Service Department and You!One of the most rewarding aspects of working here at Kentwood Ford helping our customers in any capacity. Whether it'd be finding the best Ford vehicle for your family, the perfect F-150 trim to tackle your difficult jobs, or even helping you get the best payment plan for your vehicle with all our finance options. One way we help customers that really stands out for us...

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How to connect your music with Bluetooth
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How to connect your music with BluetoothIsn't it great that we live in an age where we can play our music without wires? No worries about tangling the auxiliary cord or giving a short one to your friends while they reach over to plug their phone in from the backseat. You can just connect your phone to the car and that's it! Making and receiving phone calls and text get easier, too (just make sure you're...

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Vehicle Resolutions for 2018
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Vehicle Resolutions for 2018It's that time of the year again: you probably gave up on your new year's resolutions. But that's okay, because we know it's hard. The expectations are high, and it seems like it's such a long journey to get to the end goal. We at Kentwood Ford know it can be difficult to get there, but it doesn't have to be that way if you start making good habits right out of the gate.We...

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Winter Tires: What's Best to use in Winter?
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Winter Tires: What's Best to use in Winter?With winter settling in with its typical trappings of road-bound treachery, you might want to start thinking about the tires you're running this season (if you haven't already). You've probably heard of some of the different styles of tire available too, but which is best for winter driving? All-weather? All-season? All the options! It can be overwhelming...

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Winter Driving: Tips To Help You Thrive
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Winter Driving: Tips To Help You ThriveThere might not be much snow out there now but as Albertans, we know that means absolutely nothing. In this land of vindictive, maniacal weather, drivers have to remain conscious of the fact that road conditions can change at the drop of a hat. Even winter seasons without snow offer their own brand of motoring misery, with drivers and cars alike having to contend...

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How to Avoid Getting Screwed During Your Vehicle Purchase

How to Avoid Getting Screwed During Your Vehicle PurchaseBuying a vehicle privately can have its advantages. Maybe you find it easier dealing with someone you know. Perhaps you find dealerships intimidating. Maybe you're afraid that the myth about the Big Bad Car Salesman is true, and you'd rather not risk being taken advantage of. Concerns like these are, by this point, well earned. People have had...

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