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One Last Ride: the 2019 lineup of Ford Sedans
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One Last Ride: the 2019 lineup of Ford SedansLast summer, Ford announced that it would be discontinuing most of its models in the sedan line to cut costs and focus on their SUV sales in North America. The only models not getting discontinued, are the Focus (re-commencing after moving production plants) and the Mustang (because, duh). That leaves both the Ford Fusion and the Taurus ceasing production...

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Which Super Duty Model Should You Drive?
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Which Super Duty Model Should You Drive?The hardest decision to make when it comes to buying a Ford Super Duty is deciding which model works best for your lifestyle. While you can't go wrong with any of the choices available, you may want to consider the best applicable uses for each Super Duty model. That's why we broke down different everyday tasks you may use your truck for and paired them with...

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Which Ford Model Handles Back To School Season Best?
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Which Ford Model Handles Back To School Season Best?It's that time of the year again--and we promise we won't sugarcoat it like those Staples commercials. Parents and students are back to hastily eating their breakfast and brushing their teeth, before shoving bags and backpacks in their vehicle's trunk and trudging through morning traffic. While the morning grind can be exhausting for everyone, it...

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What's the maximum towing package available on a Ford?
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What's the maximum towing package available on a Ford?If there's one thing you can rely on Ford vehicles for, it's getting the job done. You have a lot of things you need to bring with you throughout your journey, so you're gonna need the right Ford vehicle to tackle what lies ahead. No matter whether you're hauling extra plywood, appliances, or even people, there's a Ford vehicle to meet your needs...

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In It for the Long Haul: Upgrading From an F-150 to Super Duty
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In It for the Long Haul: Upgrading From an F-150 to Super DutySo you bought a beautiful new F-150. You've told all of your friends, showed it off to family members, and made coworkers swoon over its body configurations and interior specs you chose so deliberately. As May long-weekend approaches, you attach your 5th wheel trailer and can almost taste the nearing adventure. Everything is meticulously...

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The Best Ford Vehicles For Road Trips
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The Best Ford Vehicles For Road TripsSummer has finally arrived in Edmonton! While there's plenty of festivals and events to check out in the city, the best part of Albertan summers is getting to trek around the province on a road trip. Maybe you're looking to see the dinosaur bones in Drumheller, or take Instagram-worthy pictures of Lake Louise while looking into the mountains. Either way, there's...

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What is the most fuel-efficient Ford SUV?
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What is the most fuel-efficient Ford SUV?Ford offers a great selection of SUV and crossover vehicles. Currently, Ford manufactures six different SUVs (and crossovers): Ford Ecosport, Ford Escape, Ford Flex, Ford Edge, Ford Explorer and Ford Expedition. All these vehicles are equipped with the most recent technologies and are safe and fun for the entire family. However, this makes the decision process...

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Different Ford Truck Models
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Different Ford Truck ModelsFord is known for designing and creating efficient and reliable vehicles with innovative technologies. They produce everything from cars to SUVs to trucks, so they have a significant number of vehicles in each category for different needs and tastes. However, Ford remains mostly known for its powerful and well-built trucks. Ford also produces several truck models to cater...

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How much do SUVs cost?
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How much do SUVs cost?Here at Kentwood Ford, we carry some of the best Ford SUVs in all kinds and varieties. Not only can you find the best one in the market, but you can also find the best one at your price point. Ford caters to different tastes and preferences so it shouldn't be hard to find the right Ford Suv for you.We at Kentwood Ford Edmonton compiled a list of three different Ford SUVs at three...

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Conflicting Choices: Buying New vs. Buying Used
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Conflicting Choices: Buying New vs. Buying UsedTime for a new car, and you're oscillating between unbridled excitement and anxiety. The world is your oyster, but also you're allergic to oysters. You have a wealth of choices but, also, you have a wealth of choices. Where do you begin? What do you chose? Can you get it in blue? Well, the crew here at Kentwood Ford wants to help you make your decision,...

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Top 5 Features of the 2018 Ford EcoSport
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Top 5 Features of the 2018 Ford EcoSportSince the early 2000s, Ford has been one of the earlier competitors in the compact-crossover vehicle market when they launched the Escape and dominated the market. The company continues to offer more options in the category with the latest iteration of Ford EcoSport, which is one of Ford's most compact vehicles yet.We at Kentwood Ford Edmonton are ecstatic to...

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F-150 vs RAM 1500: Why the F-150 is a Better Buy
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F-150 vs RAM 1500: Why the F-150 is a Better BuyUnless you're a hardcore brand loyalist, you're going to comparison shop before you buy your next truck. If you're living in Alberta, that comparison is usually between the Ford F-150 and the RAM 1500. While both truck lines offer great value, there are some major differences between the two. These differences help explain why the F-150 has been Canada's...

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