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Lyndsey Smith Drives the Ford Edge
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Lyndsey Smith Drives the Ford EdgeWhile Kentwood Ford sells its fair share of trucks and Mustangs, we also carry family-friendly vehicles for your everyday Edmontonians (and super-practical fleet vehicle vans, but that's for another post). No matter whether you need an SUV to pack all your gear, or bring the entire family along for the trip, there's Ford vehicle for you. That's why we asked our friend...

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Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car
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Questions to Ask When Buying a Used CarBuying a vehicle is never easy, especially if it's used. The added stress of figuring out the car's complete history can be super stressful and very time-consuming. If you're in the market for a used car, there's a lot to consider, needless to say. No matter whether you're buying privately, or from our excellent Used Car Supercenter just on 137th avenue and 97th...

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Must-see models for Kentwood Ford's Year-End Clearout!
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Must-see models for Kentwood Ford's Year-End Clearout!2018 is coming to close, which means our 2019 models are taking over the dealership here at Kentwood Ford. So what's happening with our 2018 models you ask? Well, we've got a whole bunch of them are marked down at special prices throughout the 2nd half of December until January 2nd! Kentwood Ford's Year End Clearout has a bunch of 2018 models on...

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Getting your vehicle serviced with us? Take a service loaner!
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Getting your vehicle serviced with us? Take a service loaner!We know we've been bombarding you with reminders to get your vehicle serviced for the winter countless times. But you know what? No regrets. If you've ever been stranded in front of the Northgate parking lot on a cold Tuesday night, while waiting to pick your friend up from the ETS station because your car won't start, you'd understand--especially...

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The best accessories you can get for your Ford F-150
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The best accessories you can get for your Ford F-150Edmonton's best-selling pickup truck is number one for a reason, and it's because it's been one of the most reliable vehicles for over 70 years. Here in Edmonton, you can't go 5 seconds without spotting an F-150 on the road--if there was a Punch-buggy game for this truck, your arm would be more purple than Barney, Grimace, or an eggplant. If you're...

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Must-Have Accessories For Your Ford Truck
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Must-Have Accessories For Your Ford TruckSo you just bought a Ford truck. Congratulations! You're now one of the bajillion other Albertans who also bought one--and who's to blame? Ford trucks have been a staple in our province for several generations. It's no surprise that we've gone to great lengths to make sure our Ford trucks are just as unique as we are. That's why Kentwood Ford's accessory department...

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Why Customize Your Ford with Kentwood Kustoms
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Why Customize Your Ford with Kentwood KustomsLooking to make your Ford vehicle pop on these Edmonton roads? Luckily, Kentwood Ford has an amazing in-house accessory department to help you customize your Ford. Kentwood Kustoms has just about everything you need, from lift kits for your F-150, to stripe kits for your Mustang. Our north Edmonton dealership can help your Ford stand out amongst others in...

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Where to Buy Ford Accessories?
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Where to Buy Ford Accessories?In the 21st century, the sky is definitely not the limit! When you are equipped with the perfect tools and have all the right connections, you can fulfill a dream and get it done just as you imagined. It's the same thing when it comes to Ford vehicles. With a little help from our factory-trained staff members and the perfect Ford accessories, you can have your dream vehicle...

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Reasons to Shop at Kentwood Ford

Reasons to Shop at Kentwood FordThere are a thousand and one reasons to shop at Kentwood Ford.But since we don't have all day - and you don't have time to read that much -- we'll just give you the highlights.Have you ever heard of the "Sticker Shock Syndrome?" It's when you look at a brand new vehicle and your mouth hits the floor because it's so expensive. Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles with low kilometers...

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How to Avoid Getting Screwed During Your Vehicle Purchase

How to Avoid Getting Screwed During Your Vehicle PurchaseBuying a vehicle privately can have its advantages. Maybe you find it easier dealing with someone you know. Perhaps you find dealerships intimidating. Maybe you're afraid that the myth about the Big Bad Car Salesman is true, and you'd rather not risk being taken advantage of. Concerns like these are, by this point, well earned. People have had...

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Get Signed Oilers Gear at Kentwood Ford

Get Signed Oilers Gear at Kentwood FordSigned Oilers Gear at Kentwood All Season LongGene Principe and Bob Stauffer (in the video above) are here to tell you about the newest, easiest way to get your hands on signed Oilers gear.All you have to do is visit Kentwood Ford on the north side!Lucic, Eberle, and Nurse were at the dealership a few days ago signing sticks, pucks, posters, and jerseys. You name...

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