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Grand prize: Quantity 2, one from each dealership Shop with selected player, and have a max of $1000 to spend at St. Albert Source For Sports

Runner up prizes: Quantity 2, one from each dealership $250

Rules for entry:

  1. Entries submitted on from Friday, September 30th 2022, at 12 PM until Tuesday, October 11th, 2021, at 11:59 AM, will be eligible for a chance to win. Entries are limited to one per person. Multiple entries will be excluded.

  2. For the nominated child to be eligible to win, entrants must meet the following criteria; Be a minimum of 18 years of age. The child nominated must be born from 2006 - 2017 (inclusive). The child being nominated and the person entering the contest must reside within 60 km of Edmonton, Alberta. Neither the child nominated nor the person entering can have received a contest prize from Kentwood Ford or Team Ford within the past 5 years.

  3. The winner will be chosen at random, with one grand prize winner selected from the entries that chose Leon Draisaitl to shop with and one grand prize winner selected from the entries that chose Darnell Nurse to shop with.  

  4. The prize winner will be the child nominated, not the person nominating them. 

  5. The grand prize winner from each dealership will receive a $1000 credit at St. Albert Source for Sports. 

  6. The grand prize winner hosted by Team Ford will meet Leon Draisaitl, the grand prize winner hosted by Kentwood Ford will meet Darnell Nurse. 

  7. In the case of circumstances beyond our control, including, but not limited to restrictions to player access due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Leon Draisaitl or Darnell Nurse may be required to attend the event over zoom. 

  8. Each winner is welcome to bring a maximum of 3 guests to the meet, one of which must be a parent or guardian. Each guest must wear a mask for the duration of the event. 

  9. One entry will be selected from each group as a runner-up winner to receive a $250 gift certificate to St. Albert Source for Sports, for a total of two runner-up prizes being awarded. 

  10. Winner's will be notified via the email and telephone number used for entry. They will have 72 hours to claim their prize, or another winner will be selected.

  11. Transportation to/from St. Albert Source for Sports is the responsibility of the prize winner. 

  12. The grand prize winner will be notified of the shopping date after the contest closes, based on the availability of Leon Draisaitl and Darnell Nurse. Changes to scheduled date will be communicated as early as possible to the winner. A winners inability to attend the event date will entitle them receive any compensation or alternative prizing.

  13.  The prize has no cash value. 

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