How To Use The Best FordPass App Features

Your driving experienced will be forever changed with the FordPass app. With your SYNC Connect-enabled Ford vehicle and smartphone, you're able to interact with your car like never before using wi-fi connectivity to access and control it via the app. In fact, there are so many features on the FordPass app that Kentwood Ford broke down some of our favourites ones for you to take advantage of. Before we do that, we're gonna help you set up the app to connect to your vehicle, step-by-step!

Getting Started & Connected

  1. Download the FordPass App from the App Store or Google PlayFordPass Vehicle Controls feature displayed on a mobile phone
  2. Create a 4-digit security pin, or use Touch ID if you have an iPhone
  3. Add your vehicle's identification number (VIN) to your FordPass app by:
    1. Tapping the My Vehicles card.
    2. Tap Add Vehicle.
    3. Scan the VIN barcode on the inside of your driver's door with your phone's camera, or by typing it in
    4. A confirmation message will appear on your screen to confirm your VIN
    5. Tap "Finish"

Once you've finished adding your vehicle, Tap "Active" and you're done! From there, you have a menu with four different menus options: Vehicle Controls, My Vehicles, My Dealer, and Park.

FordPass Fuel Finder function being displayed on a mobile phone

Vehicle Controls

Use this menu to remotely control different features on your Ford vehicle. With the FordPass app, you can lock or unlock your vehicle, as well as start the engine from any location. The layout for the

Vehicle Control menu is very straightforward, with visible lock, unlock, and start engine buttons easily indicated along with a fuel bar showing how much gas is in your car. Just press and hold any button to activate the different function on the app!

My Vehicles

The Ford vehicle you're connected to will appear on this menu. From there, you're able to add and edit important information such as its mileage, fuel levels, service history and more. A really useful part of the menu is being able to view your vehicle's maintenance history throughout your ownership of it and notify you when you need to take it back to the dealership for servicing.

The My Vehicles function on the FordPass app being displayed on a mobile phone

My Dealer

For convenient access to your preferred Ford dealer, the My Dealer menu gives you everything you need to reach one--including us at Kentwood Ford! From the My Dealer menu, you can find our hours, location, phone number, and you can even schedule a service appointment right from the app!


Even if you don't have a Ford vehicle, the FordPass app is useful on its own for just this one feature. The Park menu lets you conveniently find parking spots in busy downtown areas and it even displays the different prices for those spots as well. Throughout the app, the map feature can also pull-up information for gas stations and prices, and you can even pinpoint your vehicle's location no matter where you are.

These are just a few of the features you get when downloading the FordPass app for your Ford vehicle. If you have any more questions on how to set it up or use it, let our team at Kentwood Ford know!

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