Preview of Ford Electric Vehicles in 2020

2020 will present a landmark year for electric and hybrid vehicles at Ford. Ford is fully committed to electric vehicles as the next great turning point in the automotive industry, one that they are proud to spearhead. $11 billion will be invested in this project, with the idea of having 40 new hybrid-electric models produced by 2022. Innovation is at the core of Ford's brand values, so that's why we at Kentwood Ford are excited at what's to come with electric vehicles in just a few short years.

The New Hybrid-Electric System

Ford believes that it's not just about creating hybrid-electric vehicles, but fortifying the customer experience when it comes to ownership of these vehicles. That's why it goes beyond just vehicle creation into new and advanced charging stations both on the road and at home, software updates that are available to seamlessly make your vehicle better, and by continuously innovating the battery technology for better performance, efficiency, and range. Within the actual vehicles themselves, the hybrid-electric system has been improved from prior iterations. This includes a more streamlined engine that in turn gives the driver even more cargo space, providing additional efficiency at a cheaper cost.

ford electric plug-in

Vehicle Lineup

Ford developed the first-ever hybrid electric SUV, the Ford Escape Hybrid, back in 2004. Ford has always been at the forefront of vehicle innovation and development, pushing forward with the latest technologies. For 2020, Ford will be bringing that same forward thinking into the coming years, creating hybrid and electric vehicles out of our most legendary models. The upcoming hybrid F-150 will provide increased capability with terrific low-end torque for even more pulling power. This version will even have the capability to be used as a mobile generator on a work site. For your sports car hybrid option, the new hybrid-electric Mustang will deliver excellent power and torque while retaining its stylish appearance. The two hallmarks of the Ford brand will continue to push into the future with these hybrid-electric models.

What This Means for the Consumer

Providing the best possible vehicles to their customers is what drives Ford's constant search for innovative products. We believe that a strong push into the electric market will help remedy some of the pains that have plagued previous owners of electric and hybrid vehicles. We've made these vehicles specifically to cater not just to people who are already familiar with electric vehicles, but so they are an easy introduction for anyone new to the world of electric vehicles. The aim is to create a wide range of new models with a hybrid option on each new trim launched. We know that our customers have put a lot of trust into us, that's why we strive to provide superior service and vehicles that have the everyday needs of the driver in mind.

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