Which Ford Models Are Being Discontinued After 2019?

It's the end of an era. With decreasing demand, cost-saving initiatives, and a newfound focus on SUVs, Ford plans to discontinue a handful of sedan models this upcoming year in North America. It's a bittersweet goodbye, but for good reasons. Ford recently announced plans to reinvest costs into other areas of production, and we're excited to tell you about what's coming up in the future. Let Kentwood Ford break down everything you need to know about Ford's discontinued models for 2019.

Why Are Models Getting Discontinued?

  • Cost-saving: Ford will be saving an estimated $25.5 billion in production and manufacturing costs by 2022
  • Higher focus on SUVs and Trucks: Sales for most of the car and sedan lineup have decreased in recent time, as SUV and truck sales increased in North America.
  • More safety features: Ford plans reinvest those costs back into creating more advanced safety and assisted driving features for its current lineup.
  • Hybrid models: In addition to safety technologies, Ford will reinvest the cut costs back into research and development of electric and hybrid models.
  • Returning models: Another area of focus will be the return of both the Ford Ranger and the Ford Bronco coming up in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

Discontinued Models

  • Taurus: One of Ford's biggest milestones in the American auto industry, its design brought several new features and innovations for its time. It was also controversially discontinued in 2004,and revived in 2008.
  • Fusion: The Fusion was one of the first Ford cars to feature the "new face of Ford" three-bar grille in 2006. It also became the highest selling sedan in Brazil for 2008.
  • Fiesta: Initially made in 1976, the Fiesta was one of the first supermini cars Ford marketed globally and has even made an appearance in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1979.
  • C-Max Hybrid: Ford released the C-Max as one of the first hybrid-only vehicles, available exclusively in Europe before coming to North America.

Continuing Ford Cars

Luckily, Ford isn't planning on getting rid of all their car models. Ford will continue to manufacture both the Focus and the Mustang throughout the next coming years. Additionally, Ford announced that a Hybrid version of the Mustang is currently in development, with performance and torque that's as good as the V8 Mustang.

While some of the cuts may be bad news for some, Ford's long-term commitment to innovating how we drive our cars will prevail or future Ford models and technology. If you have any questions about the models being discontinued, or some of the newer models coming soon, make sure to let Kentwood Ford know!

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