Stay Cozy With Heated Accessories for Your Ford

With winter finally in our backyards, you'll need to equip your Ford so it can handle the cold and harsh Albertan climate. Not only that, but you'll also want to equip your Ford to help keep you warm throughout your treacherous journey. With Kentwood Ford's select heated accessories, you can recreate that same cozy fireside warmth without layering up in that ridiculous holiday sweater well before (or after) the season. Take a look at some of the recommended heated accessories that we think you should add to your Ford model.

Heated Mirrors

We all hate having to wake up extra early just to scrape frost off the windows and mirrors of our cars. If you add defrosters to the front and rear windshields of your Ford, then why not do it for your mirrors as well? With a pair of heated side-view mirrors, you can skip the aggressive scraping and even take your time eating breakfast, instead of chugging the morning coffee and risking the chance of burning your windpipes. It's the perfect winter accessory for those aspiring office early birds looking for an easy start to the day.

Heated SeatsSeat heating icon in a modern car

Ah, heated seats: the cornerstone of ultimate winter driving comfort. They're the perfect heated accessory for both you and your passengers (or in some cases, to keep your fresh takeout or pizza warm for the trip home). Did you also know that having heated seats also come with health benefits as well? Heat is known as the best relief against back pain and having heated seats makes for one of the most convenient ways to ease the discomfort.

Heated Steering WheelAvailable heated steering wheel for th 2018 Ford Escape

Trust us when we say, once you've had a heated steering wheel you can never go back. Adding a heated steering wheel to your Ford model makes for one of the most comfortable driving experiences in the cold Albertan weather. Sometimes our gloves aren't warm enough, and shoveling our driveways can still leave us with stiff and frozen fingers. With a soft, but firm grip on the heated steering wheel of your Ford, you'll get to experience a warm sensation you didn't know you needed--until you've felt it.

Remote Starter

While having a remote starter for your Ford model is a no-brainer, there are more advantages to having one installed than just keeping you warm. For example, using the remote starter helps with warming up the important oils and fluids in your car's engine to prevent any damage that could occur if you were to drive it cold. Meanwhile, it's also extremely beneficial for those looking to get most of the snow and ice melted before you even break out the brush or the scraper from your Ford.

These were only just a few of the excellent heated accessories we think you should add to your Ford model. If you're interested in adding one of these accessories to yours, be sure to let our accessory department at Kentwood Ford know, by either ordering yours or booking an appointment to have them installed, today!

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