Learn About the Benefits of Lifted Trucks at Kentwood Ford

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of driving from a high-suspension truck. The elevated view of the streets and highways, above every other car on the road, feels nothing short of empowering. Even off the road, driving a lifted Ford truck lets you conquer tougher terrain than ever before, making it a further unstoppable force.

Choose between lifting the body and/or suspension and see for yourself the difference it makes in the way you drive your Ford truck. In the meantime, learn more about how you’ll get the most out of driving a lifted Ford truck from Kentwood Ford—your local Edmonton Ford dealer.

Obstacle Clearance

If you ever plan on taking your lifted Ford truck out for an off-road journey, you’ll feel confident knowing natural obstacles like rocks, bushes, and logs are no match. Back in the city, you can clear curbs and speed bumps on the road just as easily, all thanks to its elevated positioning.

Better Towing

With a regular suspension, towing heavy loads can push your truck’s body lower to the point of it even grinding against the ground. A lifted suspension improves your truck’s centre of gravity and makes hooking your trailers even easier since you don’t have to lower the hitch.

Wider Driving View

Your lifted Ford truck’s elevated height lets you see more on the road than you ever thought possible. In a lifted Ford truck, every vehicle in front of you, as well as other incoming obstacles, stay within view for you to plan ahead while driving.

Bigger Tires

Alberta weather makes for unexpected road conditions and tough terrain throughout the year. Luckily, having a heightened suspension or lifted body lets you install bigger tires on your Ford truck to conquer everything from snow, sleet, mud, dirt, rocks, and more.

Customizable Models

Ford F-150

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Ford Super Duty
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